Movement, Mind and Muscles for Unsurpassed Results

"At age fifty something, thanks to Pilates and particularly to Lauren Tomasulo, I am in better physical shape than I was in my twenties. Pilates workouts can be modified to take into account injuries or physical limitations. One week after an appendectomy I was back in the Pilates studio doing a modified workout." - Cleo Crimmins

The hectic pace of today's lifestyle leaves many of us with a body full of stress, extra weight or muscle stiffness. These symptoms often point to imbalances where focused exercise and relaxing breathing can significantly improve our overall health, quality of life and personal appearance.

Pilates offers a unique blend of deep breathing combined with targeted muscle-based stretches from the "powerhouse," the abdominal and back muscles.

This combination provides incredible results in mind and body health for all ages and physical ability levels. Pilates offers a unique, life changing opportunity for every - body and all ages.

Mind and Body Benefits

Practiced faithfully, Pilates yields numerous benefits including:
• Strength and flexibility, particularly of the abdomen and back muscles
• Coordination-both muscular and mental
• Posture, balance, and core strength
• Balance and control over the body and mind
• Increased lung capacity and circulation

We invite you to experience the powerful positive results of creating an energizing physical connection with your mind and body. Join us today for a mat class or a personalized One-on-One session. To learn more, click here...